But I dont even like snails...
This is absolutely amazing

This is absolutely amazing

Heartache and camels

Honestly I still love you but oh there were so many signs to show you didn’t love me
Like how you would rather get shit faced with friends instead of seeing me
Like how you would rather make time for everyone else but me
Like how you got so mad when I made jokes
Like hell I couldn’t even joke around with you
Like how you wouldn’t hold my hand anymore in the car
Like how you stopped telling me you loved me
Like how you stopped texting me like you used to
You told me you loved me more then I loved you
Well darling that’s a lie
I waiting by your side always there for you for 3-4 years you couldn’t even stay with me for 3 months
Even tho I wasn’t happy I was still pushing my feelings aside to make you happy as always
If you truly loved me and wanted to start a life with me you wouldn’t wanna be single
You wouldn’t have been unsure about us

Truth be told I’m done with the mind games
I would rather break my own heart then to have you break it again
But then again that’s what you’re good at breaking my heart

Real friends don’t flirt with your ex boyfriend

Real friends know how much it killed you to walk away from him
Real friends know how much you truly loved him
Real friends try to cheer you up
Real friends don’t send winky faces or accept his complements
Real friends tell him not to flirt with them because they know that even tho you left him it still took every ounce of strength for you to walk away from someone who couldn’t give a shit about you
Real friends wouldn’t do that